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Stathero Get up to a $250 Deposit Match Bonus!
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Daily Fantasy Sports·StatHero

StatHero is a new and innovative operator that sports fans should try to check out. Combining a mix of daily fantasy sports and sportsbook into one hybrid model, the new operator definitely stands out. So, what exactly is StatHero, how do you use it, and what does it offer? Keep reading to find out.


  • StatHero Promo Code
  • How does StatHero work?
  • How to Sign Up
  • StatHero Pros and Cons
  • StatHero Mobile App
  • StatHero Leagues and Markets
  • Payment Options
  • Customer Service
  • FAQ
  • Final Thoughts

StatHero DFS Bonus Code VIBONUS for Deposit Bonus up to $250 (1)STATHERO PROMO CODE

Because StatHero is so new, as is their concept, it is important to learn what is different about this operator. It has a patent pending model that strives to help players earn back their entry fees and keep moving forward in contests. The operator is aiming to make itself approachable for amateur players by removing some of the complications on its platform.

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As of right now, StatHero is partnered with VegasInsider to offer a special welcome offer and promo code for new users. New users can click on the links below to take them to StatHero's website.

StatHero Promo CodeVisit StatHero
OfferGet up to a $250 Deposit Match Bonus!

Available StatesAK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MN, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, WI, WV, WY, and UT.
iOS and Android AppAvailable
Last VerifiedMarch 14, 2023

The bonus code for StatHero is VIBONUS. It has been a long time coming, but you can officially sign up for their platform and grab the exclusive welcome offer!


StatHero has a welcome bonus that allows you to Get up to a $250 Deposit Match Bonus! This is for new users only and varies by location. Remember, StatHero is fantasy, so it should be legal in your area. Check the table above for more info and don't forget to use the VIBONUS promo code!


StatHero DFS Bonus Code VIBONUS for Deposit Bonus up to $250 (2)

StatHero’s mission is to bring the best fromdaily fantasy sportsand survivor pools to a fantasy sports-meets-sports betting platform. Users have the ability to compete in fantasy survivor contests across a plethora of professional sports. And, the only competition for users is StatHero itself as they are not competing with the other players in a contest. StatHero has a Daily Fantasy Sportsbook side of the site and a Survivor Contest side.


To participate in the Daily Fantasy Sportsbook contests, the operator will show their team and their player lineup daily for the NBA, MLB, and NHL. When it comes to the NFL and NCAA Football contests, player lineups will be shown daily/weekly and will be active all season long. These daily sportsbook contests are one on one contests between only the player and StatHero, where the winner takes all.

Each player’s salary is dynamic, which means that all tickets will be locked when they are submitted. And, once a ticket is locked, no edits can be made. The tickets are non-refundable and no withdrawals will be permitted once the tickets have been submitted, and therefore, locked. There will be player insurance offered for users who have a player in their line up that may be ruled out.


When it comes to the operator’s Survivor Pool contests, a user will create their lineup through selecting 4 - 5 players, the number depends on the sport they chose. They will choose these players from one team of their choice which will challenge StatHero each round. The exception to this rule is round one of each contest.

When it comes to round one, users will also have to choose one WILDCARD player to add to their lineup who must be from a different team. Users must choose a different team for every round. They cannot use the same team more than once in each contest.

The way that the results will be determined is through the total points that have been earned by the user’s team score versus StatHero’s team score. If the user wins against StatHero, they will be able to move on to the next round. The money that a user earns each round is determined by the eliminated participants for that round.

A user’s selected team does not have to have won their real world game to be able to move on to the following round. If the user does survive the round, the contest continues and does not end. The user must continue to make their picks until they end up eliminated. Survivor Contests for the NBA, NHL, and MLB can last different amounts of rounds, depending on the contest that the user entered.

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One of the most important things to know about any site is how to create your account. The same can be said for StatHero. So, here are the steps you need to know in order to make your new account.

Navigate to the StatHero site or StatHero app. Click on “Play Now” to get to the next step. There, you will be asked whether you want to play with the Daily Fantasy Sportsbook or the Survivor Pools. Choose whichever one you are interested in. Then, click on the button that says “Login/Sign Up” on the upper right hand corner.

When you are brought to the login page, scroll to the bottom and click on the link that says “Sign Up.” Then, you will be brought to the registration form.

Fill out your personal information on the registration form. This will include your full name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and email address. If the site needs to go the extra mile to validate your identity, you will need to submit further information. This could include your social security number.

You may need to verify your new account by clicking on a link sent to the email address that you provided. Click on the link to verify your new account. Now, your account is created and ready for you!


All operators will have their benefits to creating an account as well as their drawbacks. StatHero is no different. And, being a newer platform, it is important to make sure to know these pros and cons.


  • The operator is looking to make it easier for amateur players to join in on their platform.
  • The operator is doing something new and creative, bringing a novel experience to players.
  • There are multiple options available to play on the StatHero site.
  • StatHero also has an app available.


  • Promotions are not easily available on the site.
  • It is a bit complicated to understand how to play both sides of the site.
  • Being a newer platform, it still needs to establish itself and work out the kinks.

StatHero DFS Bonus Code VIBONUS for Deposit Bonus up to $250 (3)STATHERO MOBILE APP REVIEW

As stated above, there is a StatHero mobile app available from the operator. The app is available for iOS/iPhone customers as well as for Android customers as well. The app seeks to offer the same options and features as the desktop StatHero site.

In order to download the app, you must make sure that you have enough memory on your device. And, you will need an up to date operating system on your device. Plus, you will have to be in a state where StatHero has legally launched.

StatHero DFS Bonus Code VIBONUS for Deposit Bonus up to $250 (5)STATHERO LEAGUES AND MARKETS

Because StatHero is more niche than other platforms, it does have fewer sports available. And, the betting type from the platform is also quite unique. We will look into both of these facets in more detail below.

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As you know, there are fewer sports leagues available on this platform due to its very specific nature. As of right now, these leagues are NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA Football, and the PGA. As the platform expands, more leagues may be added, so check back frequently if you are curious.


Because StatHero is not like one of our traditionalbest betting sites, the betting options are not traditional either. As was written above, StatHero has two options for play, Daily Fantasy Sportsbook and Survivor Pool Contests. Users can try their hand at either of those betting options, both of which go up against the house, which in this case is StatHero.

StatHero DFS Bonus Code VIBONUS for Deposit Bonus up to $250 (7)PAYMENT OPTIONS

The payment options for any platform are very important. You need to know if they have any that fit into your own payment options. Here are the payment options available from StatHero:

All major credit and debit cards. These include Visa, MasterCard, Discover as well as American Express.

The withdrawal options for payouts are:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Paper Check
  • Electronic Check


As a newer platform, StatHero does not have a lot of customer service options available just yet. For right now, they do have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section where customers can find answers to certain questions. They also have two different email addresses that users can email to receive an answer to their issue. Plus, they can reach out to StatHero through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

StatHero DFS Bonus Code VIBONUS for Deposit Bonus up to $250 (8)STATHERO FAQ

Here is a frequently asked questions section to give you even more information.


It first launched in February 2021.


There is not a phone option for customer service at this time.



StatHero has an app available for iOS/iPhone and Android devices.

StatHero DFS Bonus Code VIBONUS for Deposit Bonus up to $250 (9)FINAL THOUGHTS ON STATHERO

StatHero is a very interesting new platform. New users should be excited about the accessibility it seeks to provide. And, advanced users should be excited by its novelty.


How do you use bonus coins on StatHero? ›

Bonus dollars can be used to enter into our Head to Head game play and are converted into a monetary credit after a successful winning entry. Unless stated otherwise, any unused bonus dollars in a player's account 30 idle days after it has been issued can be removed by StatHero.

How does StatHero work? ›

Stathero uses the familiar fantasy sports based format to allow players to compete against posted lineups across a variety of professional sports and game types including Survivor Pools, Head-to-Head and Fantasy Parlays. Their patent pending gameplay gives players an advantage unlike any other in fantasy sports.

What is Thrive Fantasy Deposit promo code? ›

Thrive Fantasy promo code PIBONUS: Get your first deposit matched - March 2023. Every new player who redeems the Thrive Fantasy promo code will earn a 100% deposit match welcome bonus up to $250. One of the best daily fantasy sports welcome bonuses out there is the Thrive Fantasy promo code PIBONUS.

Where is Thrivefantasy legal? ›

Betting is only offered in regions where it is legal. Users residing in non-legal regions cannot bet. Legal markets include: Arizona, Calgary, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

What states is StatHero legal? ›

The Stat Hero promo code can be used throughout most of the U.S. It is currently available in the following 33 states:
  • Alaska.
  • Alabama.
  • Arkansas.
  • Arizona.
  • California.
  • Colorado.
  • District of Columbia.
  • Florida.
Nov 9, 2022

What do bonus coins do? ›

Bonus Battle Coins allow you to increase the number of Battle Coins you gain in battles.

Is StatHero legal in Texas? ›

This national launch provides users in states where sports betting is not legal, like California, Florida and Texas, a sportsbook experience while playing a game of skill. Play 1-on-1 against the House: Users play against the House, rather than thousands of other users. If a user's line-up beats StatHero's, they win.

What is the minimum bet on stat hero? ›

StatHero DFS Game Types. StatHero features three unique types of contests: Head-to-Head, Survivor, and Pick'em. Each of these comes with unique benefits for both skilled and novice players. The minimum play for Pick'em is $1, while the maximum stake per contest is $5,000.

What is the promo code for Fantasypros StatHero? ›

StatHero is available on iOS and you can play on ANY desktop on Use Promo Code 'FANTASYPROS' for a 30% Match on any deposit.

How do I get a real promo code? ›

20 Websites to Find US Promo Codes and Discounts
  1. RetailMeNot. One of the most well-known coupon sites is RetailMeNot. ...
  2. Coupon Cabin. Similar to RetailMeNot, Coupon Cabin also offers an app and Chrome extension to alert users of deals. ...
  3. ...
  4. Groupon. ...
  5. Slickdeals. ...
  6. Offers. ...
  7. Dealcatcher. ...
  8. Coupon Chief.

What was the promo code? ›

Meaning of promo code in English

a word or a set of letters and numbers that you can use to get a discount (= a reduction in the usual price) when you buy something, given as a way of encouraging you to buy: Use the promo code "festival" to get a 15% discount on your tickets.

What is PariPesa promo code? ›

MAXBET is the PariPesa promo code. Make your first deposit with this code to receive a 100% welcome bonus.

How long does ThriveFantasy take to pay out? ›

Withdrawals may take 24-72 hours to process and have a $20 minimum.

Will DraftKings be legal in all states? ›

DraftKings is also legal for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in all but six U.S. states -- Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. If you are located in a state that DraftKings is available, use the DraftKings promo code link to sign up now.

How do I withdraw money from ThriveFantasy? ›

How To Make A Withdrawal At ThriveFantasy
  1. Log in to your ThriveFantasy account.
  2. Click on your account wallet located at the top right-hand side.
  3. Now, click on the withdrawal option.
  4. Select the withdrawal method and enter the amount you want to take out.
  5. Click on the submit button to begin the withdrawal process.
Nov 4, 2022

Is StatHero good? ›

In fact, StatHero can brag about some of the best win rates across DFS or sports betting. According to Jaramillo, the customer base is winning between 45-65% of the time, and that is by design. “StatHero has a higher handle than all the other DFS companies out there.

Which DFS site is best? ›

The Best DFS Sites for 2023 Players
  • Thrive melds traditional DFS leagues with props. Promo Code: CHEATSHEET. ...
  • Outlast has the largest deposit bonus match. Promo Code: CHEAT200. ...
  • OwnersBox specializes in weekly DFS contests. Promo Code: CHEATSHEET. ...
  • Monkey Knife Fight is a level playing field. Promo Code: CSWR.

Who are StatHero competitors? ›

Who are StatHero 's competitors? Alternatives and possible competitors to StatHero may include DraftKings , PrizePicks , and FanUp .

Should you always max bet on slot machines? ›

Most of the time, unfortunately, no – there is no benefit to placing a max bet. On most slot machines, the payout ratio for wins will increase equally with the bet you place. If you wager $1 and win $2, a $10 bet would have won $20, just as a $100 bet would have won $200.

How does the $1000 risk free bet work? ›

It used to be known as a “risk-free bet” but because you're getting bonus bets back and not cash if your first wager loses, there is risk. Here's how it works. At FanDuel, you can make a bet anywhere from $1 to $1,000, and if it wins, it's a winning bet. You keep the cash.

How much should you bet per unit? ›

To determine how much to bet on each game, take your starting bankroll amount and divide it into equal units. Once you decide this number it becomes your unit size. This is the amount of money you are betting on every game. A good recommendation is risking between 1% to 5% of your bankroll per bet.

Are promo codes legit? ›

Second, some discount codes can be fake, which might cause you to spend more money than you intended. Finally, some coupon codes may not be valid online and only work in certain stores or at specific times. So, it is crucial to be cautious when using them and to check the validity of the code before using it.

How to get FantasyPros Premium for free? ›

FantasyPros offers a free 6-month Premium membership (a $65 value) if you create a new account and make a $10 deposit at DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo DFS, or Monkey Knife Fight.

What is bonus code in 10CRIC? ›

For Indian players that register using a 10CRIC promo code CRIC*** can get exclusive sports offer – 150% up to ₹25,000 + 500 Free bet. For players interested in the 10CRIC football offer, you can get ₹500 free bets.

How can I use 10CRIC bonus? ›

The minimum deposit you need to complete to claim each of the deposit bonuses is ₹1,000. Once you get the bonus cash, you need to meet the 35x wagering requirement that applies both to the deposit and bonus amount to turn that bonus into real withdrawable cash.

How do you get free money on Skillz? ›

Skillz rewards its players with $2 bonus cash after they win their first 10 games in every one of their games. Which means you can rack up a lot of bonus cash just by playing a new game and winning 10 of the practice games. Since the practice games are free to play, there's absolutely no risk to you.

Is stat hero legal in Florida? ›

You must be physically located in one of 32 states to enter a StatHero contest, including: AK, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, ND, NE, NM, NY, OK, OH, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, WI, WV, WY, and UT.

What is StatHero revenue? ›

StatHero's revenue is $5.6 Million What is StatHero's SIC code? StatHero's SIC: 73,737 What is StatHero's NAICS code? StatHero's NAICS: 51,518 How many employees does StatHero have?

Is flirting in Texas legal? ›

Flirting with the “eyes or hands” is illegal in San Antonio, Texas. This law is enforceable for both men and women. Texas is a common law marriage state.

Is online slots illegal in Texas? ›

Is online gambling legal in Texas? There are no legal forms of online gambling in Texas, apart from the ability to buy lottery tickets online. The Lone Star State does not permit online casino gaming, online poker rooms, online sports betting or online racebooks.

What self-defense weapons are legal in Florida? ›

If you are a resident of Florida and carry a knife for work, or a knife, pepper spray or stun gun for self-defense, you must know Florida's laws on concealed and open carry of these weapons. Knives, pepper spray, Tasers, and stun guns are common self-defense tools used across Florida.

Who owns StatHero? ›

Not Jason Jaramillo. He saw this as prime time to get into the DFS business, so he did. He founded and launched StatHero in 2018. Four years later, the company is not only an established DFS player, it is carving out a space in the entire sports gambling industry for customers who like the feeling of winning.

What gambling is illegal in Florida? ›

Chapter 849 of the Florida Statutes speaks to the topic of gambling. Lotteries are illegal, except the state run Florida Lottery. Betting money or anything of value on a contest is illegal in Florida, unless it falls into an exception under Chapter 849, Chapter 550, and Chapter 551.

How does DraftKings define revenue? ›

Sportsbook. The DraftKings Sportsbook app allows customers in certain U.S. states to engage in sports betting. What is this? The company generates revenue when a customer loses a bet and also takes a commission for placing the bet – known in the industry as vigorish.


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