Office Christmas Party (2023)

Movie Review

Josh Parker isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit. After being left virtually penniless in the wake of a brutal divorce, he finds out that the Chicago branch of the tech company he works for is about to be severely downsized.

Merry Christmas gang.

Josh’s friend Clay is the branch manager. But while he’s a great guy and all, someone who really cares for his staff, Clay’s a lousy manger. He’s got the focus of an 11-year-old and corporate sensibilities to match. And now that Clay’s dragon lady CEO sis, Carol, has blown into town, well, some heads are gonna roll.

It’s not like their branch of Zenotek isn’t productive. Josh and his programming genius, Tracey, are on the verge of breaking something really big in the tech world. They just need a little more time.

The only chance of getting the margin to finish their project, though, requires a quick injection of cash. Like, what if they could close a $14 million account with a local company looking for tech support? What if they could sway dour business owner Walter Davis into giving them a contract instead of Dell? Given that hypothetical scenario, they’d be sleighing their way into a very happy New Year indeed.

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But how to do that? What will show Mr. Davis that they’re the company to partner with, the firm with fire, the biz with pizzazz.

It’s against Josh’s better judgement, but what if they threw … THE MOST INCREDIBLE OFFICE PARTY EVER TO BE SEEN BY THE EYES OF MAN!?!? They’ll have everything from living manger scenes to gushing open bars to running reindeer to prostitutes. They’ll have it all. It’ll be an all-in, excessive night of frivolity and drunkenness to cheer up the employees and prove to Walter Davis that they’re the group who can handle all his, uh, needs.

Yeah, that oughta work.

Positive Elements

Josh genuinely wants to help Clay save his employees’ jobs. And Clay is willing to drain his trust fund to take care of those he supervises.

Spiritual Elements

The movie’s musical score often juxtaposes various Christmas carols, such as “O Holy Night” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” against scenes of wanton drunkenness, destruction and blasphemous mockery onscreen. A man obviously dressed as Jesus (complete with a crown of thorns to go with his long hair and robe) shows up at the party, for example, and he smugly tells someone, “It’s my birthday.” Later, he rides a horse through scenes of sexual debauchery. Elsewhere, a costumed Mary drinks a beer.

A company HR rep also named Mary wears a “multireligious” holiday sweater that depicts Christian, Jewish and Muslim characters. When Carol references the office Christmas party in a meeting, Mary corrects her, saying, “Oh, it’s not a Christmas party. It’s a nondenominational holiday mixer. More inclusive.” She also says God would drive a Kia minivan. The camera spies a Jewish menorah on a pastry bar.

Clay asks God to make sure his party will be well received and then closes his prayer with, “Let’s light this f—ing candle.” Someone references God to Carol, and she retorts sarcastically, “Oh, her!”

Sexual Content

The movie begins with a some crude sexual quips and several women wearing closely fitting, cleavage-revealing outfits. Mary tells an employee with her shirt unbuttoned quite a ways down, “It’s winter: Can we put Dancer and Prancer back in their stable?” But once the party kicks into gear it’s a no-holds-barred and often no-clothes affair.

Two floors of a corporate building are crammed full of wild dancing people. Many of that inebriated number start stripping off their clothes to run around, make out, rub sensuously against each other and stick their genitals (with nothing covered) in a 3D copying machine. In fact, there are a number of people who leave absolutely nothing to the imagination as the camera drinks in the varied nude visuals.

Opposite- and same-sex couples are part of the randy mix. We see naked people having sex on table tops and in groups in bathroom stalls (in these instances, key anatomical parts are kept covered). After the majority of partiers finally disperse, some unconscious people are left naked and collapsed in various locations.

A man and woman make out while he starts reenacting a mother/baby fetish. At one point she pushes him away and suggests he hold off on that stuff until the fourth date, “like normal people.” A guy hires an “escort” as his date, and she offers everything from cocaine to sexual favors to other partiers. Graffiti on a bathroom wall depicts incest and sodomy. We hear a reference to strippers. Josh joins a party game that involves drinking eggnog from an ice sculpture character’s nether regions. Clay buys sex toys as company presents. Several main characters, including Josh and Tracey, kiss.

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Violent Content

A man tries to swing off a balcony by a string of Christmas lights and painfully smashes face-first into a set of metal cabinets. People carry him away dripping blood, and we later see that he has knocked his front teeth out. Someone gets hit by a car. Another car ramps off a bridge to crash into a nearby building. The car’s passengers are all battered and bloody.

During the party, the office area is literally torn apart and burned to rubble. Office equipment is shoved out of the high-rise building’s windows. Drunken revelers square off in jousting contests with flaming Christmas trees.

Clay and Carol tend to physically wrestle each other to the ground when they argue. We find out that Carol has taken years of physical defense classes. She uses those skills to break bones and to subdue several large men. A female pimp waves a gun at people, including one guy whom she crudely threatens to shoot in the groin.

Crude or Profane Language

More than 50 f-words and 20 s-words pepper the dialogue. God’s and Jesus’ names are misused 10 times each (with God being combined with “d–n” three times). We also hear multiple uses of “h—” “a–,” “d–n,” “b–ch” and “b–tard.” People use crude slang for male genitals.

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Drug and Alcohol Content

Near the beginning of the film, Josh turns to his friend Clay and says, “Your mind is like a drunk baby.” And, in fact, this whole film feels a little like that. The drunkenness—and the incredibly foolish choices connected to that inebriation—is rampant and overwhelming. People snort huge lines of coke and literally guzzle gallons of booze. Cocaine is put into a snow machine and blown out into the crowd. Partiers smoke marijuana joints and talk about the effects of pot edibles. And it’s all depicted as just a slightly enhanced version of what otherwise normal people might do when they really let their hair down.

Other Negative Elements

Mary reports that she passes gas when she’s nervous, and we see and hear her doing so at various points throughout the film. A guy drops his pants and urinates outside. Carol emotionally abuses a young girl.


When exactly did the typical Christmas movie transition from being something intended to warm the cockles of our hearts to being something that makes us want to pluck our eyes out? I’m not sure. But it feels like we’ve been wallowing in that disgusting, anti-Christmas shock-and-awe era for far too long.

Office Christmas Party is, quite simply, yet another entry in a long line of sleaze-in-your-stocking holiday forgettables. It does everything from mocking Jesus, to gagging on grog to dropping trou and waving genitals all about the tinsel-decorated environs. And the only thing that flows as freely as liquor and debauchery is the film’s accompanying stream of harsh profanities.

It’s not that the ensemble comedian cast isn’t talented. They are, and some are even a bit likeable in isolated moments before the salacious shindig hits full stride. It’s just that there is absolutely nothing for them to do here but run frantically around among a herd of boozed-up, buck-naked coworkers, all while trying to appear as if they might somehow be enjoying themselves in some zany way.

Now that’s acting.

But not the kind worth paying to see.

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Is The Office Christmas Party on Netflix? ›

Watch all you want.

How do you make an Office Christmas Party fun? ›

Here are a few activities and ideas to consider using for your next office holiday party:
  1. Coordinate a scavenger hunt. ...
  2. Collect goods for charity. ...
  3. Hire an entertainer. ...
  4. Offer a variety of games. ...
  5. Give out prizes with a raffle. ...
  6. Volunteer together. ...
  7. Host a unique gift exchange. ...
  8. Decorate cookies.

Where can I find The Office Christmas Party? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Office Christmas Party" streaming on fuboTV, FXNow, DIRECTV.

Is Office Christmas Party a good movie? ›

Office Christmas Party looks like one of those comedies that was more fun to make than it is to watch. April 5, 2022 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review… Office Christmas Party isn't good; it isn't bad.

Is The Office Christmas party on prime? ›

Watch Office Christmas Party (Unrated) | Prime Video.

Is Office Christmas Party on Apple TV? ›

Office Christmas Party, a holiday movie starring Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, and T.J. Miller is available to stream now. Watch it on Spectrum TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox., ROW8 or Apple TV on your Roku device.

What should you not do at a company Christmas party? ›

  • 1) Don't skip the party. ...
  • 2) Don't talk about work excessively. ...
  • 3) Don't bring an inappropriate gag gift to the swap. ...
  • 4) Don't appear bored or antisocial. ...
  • 5) Don't drink too much. ...
  • 6) Dress festively (but not inappropriately). ...
  • 7) Be careful with what you share on social media. ...
  • 8) Meet new people.
9 Dec 2016

What should you not do in an office holiday party? ›

The 10 mistakes you could make at an office holiday party that are most likely to get you fired, according to a recent report
  • Dancing with a coworker.
  • Flashing someone.
  • Kissing a client.
  • Making inappropriate jokes.
  • Kissing a coworker.
  • Flirting with your boss.
  • Hooking up with a client.
  • Dancing with a client.
22 Nov 2022

Is it OK to skip The Office Christmas party? ›

Company Christmas parties are standard office celebrations, and most employees expect an event at year's end. Skipping the holiday gathering can give the impression that you do not care about employees.

What do you do at a company Christmas party? ›

Work Christmas Party Outings
  • Food Tour. If you're looking for a unique Christmas party idea, why not get out and about around town? ...
  • Ice Skating. ...
  • Office Charity Event. ...
  • Take a Team Art Class or Wine and Paint Night. ...
  • Karaoke Night. ...
  • Get Active With Team Axe Throwing. ...
  • Escape Rooms.
14 Nov 2022

When should you have an Office Christmas Party? ›

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays tend to be the most popular Xmas party dates and can sell out months in advance, so if you're planning your work do for one of those prime dates for a large groupmof people then you really need to be booking your party as close to summer as you can.

What is the least liked Christmas movie? ›

The Worst Christmas Movies
  • #8. A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014) 14% 21% ...
  • #7. Black Christmas (2006) 14% 38% ...
  • #6. An American Carol (2008) 12% 47% ...
  • #5. Mixed Nuts (1994) 13% 47% ...
  • #4. Surviving Christmas (2004) 8% 29% ...
  • #3. Deck the Halls (2006) 6% 30% ...
  • #2. Christmas With the Kranks (2004) 5% 38% #2. ...
  • #1. The Nutcracker (2010) 0% 26% #1.

What is the #1 all time holiday movie? ›

1. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

What is the highest grossing holiday movie of all time? ›

The Grinch

Is Office Christmas Party on Netflix or Hulu? ›

Office Christmas Party is also on the list of the best Christmas movies on Hulu. Check out the full list of the best Christmas movies available to streaming on Hulu after you watch Office Christmas Party with the Showtime Add-On. Will you be watching the movie on Hulu?

Where can I watch the unrated Office Christmas Party? ›

Office Christmas Party: Unrated, a comedy movie starring Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, and T.J. Miller is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video on your Roku device.

Is Amazon Prime Watch Party free? ›

Included with Prime – choose from great titles included with Prime, all at no extra cost to your membership. Rent or Buy – decide on a movie or TV episode, have all in your group rent or buy the title, and start your Watch Party. Watch Party is available in select countries.

Can you Netflix party Apple TV? ›

To set up a Watch With Friends session, users copy the link for the Netflix program they want to watch together and paste it into the app. After naming the party and entering a host PIN for control, they can share the link to the watch party for anyone to join on Roku, Apple TV or Chrome browser.

Where can I watch The Office Christmas episodes? ›

Sign up for Peacock to watch this episode.

Does Apple TV have Hallmark Channel? ›

Feb 11, 2022•Consumer Knowledge

You're now ready to start streaming Hallmark Movies Now video content through your Apple TV! Click here for information on accessing Hallmark Movies Now through Apple TV Channels.

What is the basic office party etiquette? ›

Greet all with a smile and exchange pleasantries. Never make a face at any of your colleagues even if you do not like him. Office parties are a good way to know your fellow workers. Socialize with others, rather than standing at one corner.

How long should a work Christmas party last? ›

Generally, Christmas parties should last around 3-4 hours. This is usually enough time for some fun games and activities, and for you to serve some food and drinks without having to rush, but also without it dragging on too long.

Do you bring gift to company Christmas party? ›

You'll want to bring a token of appreciation for the invitation and his or her hospitality at this busy time of year. “Bring a thoughtful gift,” RoAne says. “And don't give something that's going to make more work for your host.

What is the point of a work Christmas party? ›

A Christmas party is the perfect way to thank your employees for their work during the year. It can also double as an awards evening if your workplace gives out yearly awards or annual recognition. It's the perfect opportunity to publicly recognise the hard work your team has put in over the last 12 months.

What is appropriate for a work holiday party? ›

A cocktail dress or another short formal dress is appropriate for the party, however, be sure to choose a dress that's conservatively tailored. For a business formal event, you generally want to avoid any slinky or overly provocative attire.

What do you talk about in an office Christmas party? ›

5 office Christmas party conversation starters
  • Compliment an outfit. ...
  • Secure an introduction. ...
  • Mention the food. ...
  • Work history. ...
  • Ask about the last Christmas party.
8 Nov 2017

How do I plan a small office party? ›

Here are eight steps to follow:
  1. Set a budget.
  2. Select your party committee.
  3. Decide who will participate.
  4. Pick a theme.
  5. Choose a date and location.
  6. Determine the menu.
  7. Consider offering prizes.
  8. Promote your event.

How do I host an office party? ›

Playing host

Introduce yourself with your full name or last name if you don't know them personally. Do not use your title. Introduce most of your guests to everyone so they can mingle and be comfortable. Offer drinks and appetizers to guests immediately when they meet you.

What is a good office party gift? ›

Gift exchange ideas for the workplace
  • Office gadgets. Office gadgets are some of the most popular gift ideas for work gift exchanges because of their affordability and practicality. ...
  • Food and snacks. ...
  • Beverages. ...
  • Trial memberships. ...
  • Movie tickets. ...
  • Handmade gifts. ...
  • Office accessories. ...
  • Gloves, mittens and cold-weather gear.

Should the boss attend the Christmas party? ›

The presence of the CEO is an important statement. You are the leader of the organisation and so, in a way, you are a symbol to the team, and if you don't attend, your absence could be misinterpreted in various ways. And don't be offended that the real party will probably begin when you leave!

How do I not be awkward at an office party? ›

  1. Acknowledge your anxiety and quiet your inner critic. ...
  2. Go with a friend, go it alone, but don't skip it. ...
  3. Come with a game plan. ...
  4. Prepare talking points in advance. ...
  5. If the people you want to talk to are busy, find a friendly face or something to do. ...
  6. Stay present, focused and off your phone. ...
  7. Go easy on the alcohol.
30 Nov 2018

Is it rude not to go to a work party? ›

It's fine to turn down an invitation, whether it's because you are genuinely busy or just plain don't want to go. “It's okay to decline things that just aren't your scene,” Gottsman says, and you don't need to say exactly why you're turning it down.

How do I host an employee Christmas party? ›

How to Plan a Company Holiday Party in 10 Steps
  1. Set the Date. ...
  2. Decide on a Type of Holiday Party. ...
  3. Determine Your Budget. ...
  4. Send Out Invitations. ...
  5. Pick a Venue for Your Holiday Party. ...
  6. Plan Transportation. ...
  7. Determine Alcohol Policy. ...
  8. Plan a Holiday Menu.

How do you make a staff party fun? ›

Shine a Spotlight on Creative Talent
  1. Karaoke Night. There is no bad time for a company karaoke night, but when you bring on new employees is an exceptionally good time to break the ice.
  2. Talent Show. ...
  3. Holiday Window Decorating Event. ...
  4. Cultural Potluck. ...
  5. TV Game Show Reenactment. ...
  6. Casino Night.
28 Feb 2020

How much should I spend on work Christmas party? ›

What you “should” spend on a holiday party depends on two things: your budget and the size of your company. You'll often see a rule of thumb that suggests spending about $75—$200 per employee. But that's a very rough guideline and your individual budget may vary widely.

How much should I spend on a company Christmas party? ›

While businesses vary wildly in degrees of success (or struggle) and in terms of size, a solid rule of thumb is planning to spend $75 per person for the holiday party. So if you have 10 employees, consider shelling out $750.

What is the most disliked movie? ›

  • 4.1 The Creeping Terror (1964)
  • 4.2 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)
  • 4.3 The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies (1964)
  • 4.4 Monster a Go-Go! ( 1965)
  • 4.5 Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)
  • 4.6 A Place for Lovers (1968)
  • 4.7 They Saved Hitler's Brain (1968)

What is the number 1 ranked Christmas movie? ›

1. It's A Wonderful Life – 1946. Director: Frank Capra. Writers: Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett, Frank Capra.

What is the least known Christmas song? ›

Top 10 Lesser-Known Christmas Songs
  • “Santa, Teach Me to Dance” - Debbie & the Darnels. ...
  • "Santa Stole My Lady" - Fitz & The Tantrums. ...
  • "Maybe This Christmas" - Ron Sexsmith. ...
  • "Santa's Coming" - Bootsy Collins. ...
  • "Light of Christmas (feat. ...
  • "Just Another Christmas Song" - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings.
4 Dec 2019

What are the Top 5 Christmas films? ›

The 50 Best Christmas Movies of All Time
  1. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
  2. A Christmas Story (1983) ...
  3. Miracle on 34th Street (1947) ...
  4. Home Alone (1990) ...
  5. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) ...
  6. Elf (2003) ...
  7. The Apartment (1960) ...
  8. A Christmas Carol (1951) ...
20 Dec 2021

Who had the most Christmas No 1 s? ›

There's not many chart records the Beatles haven't broken and, yes, they have the most Christmas Number 1s of everyone – four in total.

What kept Last Christmas off the number one spot? ›

Wham's Last Christmas has finally topped the UK charts - 36 years after its release. Written and produced by George Michael, it was kept off the number one slot by Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas? when it was first released in 1984.

What is America's favorite Christmas movie? ›

It doesn't seem that “A Christmas Story” is lacking in its number of fans though, because it is the most popular Christmas movie in America with 24 states choosing the movie as their favorite.

Which movie has highest 1 day collection? ›

Biggest opening day in the United States
RankMovie nameYear
1Avengers: Endgame2019
2Spider-Man: No Way Home2021
3Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015
4Avengers: Infinity War2018
6 more rows

Which movie has highest box office collection in one day? ›

Avengers: Endgame

Is Lampoon Christmas Vacation on Netflix? ›

The Griswolds are hoping for a cozy Christmas at home, but Clark's cousin Eddie — and a few other surprises — make for a hectic holiday. Watch all you want.

Can you watch The Office on Netflix? ›

Instead, it was because The Office got a new streaming home. Rights to the show are owned by NBCUniversal, so when the company decided to launch its own streaming service (enter: Peacock), The Office obvi joined its roster in once Netflix's contract ran out.

Can you play The Office on Netflix? ›

Watch all you want. This 2006 Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series made stars out of Steve Carell, Ed Helms and more.

Who streams Christmas Vacation free? ›

Cable TV subscribers can watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for free on TNT and TBS. Without cable, the film is available through live TV platforms like Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV. Hulu + Live TV costs $70 per month, but that price will increase to $75 per month starting December 8, 2022.

Is Christmas Vacation free on Amazon Prime? ›

You can watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation through Amazon Prime Video. New subscribers get a 30-day free trial, which means you can sign up, watch the film and then cancel without paying a penny.

What channel is National Lampoon Christmas Vacation on? ›

Find National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on HBO Max and more. Warner Bros. For those looking to check in on Clark Griswold and family, you're in luck.

Where can I watch the 2022 Office for free? ›

Where to Watch The Office Online: Peacock. All nine seasons of The Office are available on NBC's streaming service, Peacock. The first five seasons are free to watch, but for the remaining seasons, you need Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus (no ads).

What will replace The Office on Netflix? ›

1, 2021—because that's the day that The Office leaves Netflix for NBC's new streaming platform, Peacock.

Is The Office coming back to Netflix 2022? ›

Yes, you can watch the complete series of The Office on the Netflix site.

Will The Office ever return to Netflix? ›

Netflix will no longer have the rights in 2021 to “The Office,” the beloved mockumentary that is still widely popular years after its run on NBC concluded.

When did The Office get taken off Netflix? ›

You'll still be able to stream all nine seasons of The Office in 2021, it'll just be on NCBUniversal's new streaming platform, Peacock. The Office is expected to make the move to Peacock in January 2021, and it will even feature unreleased content for dedicated fans!

Is The Office on Amazon Prime? ›

You can find the show available to purchase on sites like Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes. Pricing varies on each site but each season is available to purchase on Amazon for $19.99 with the exception of season one which is $12.99.

How many Christmas parties are in The Office? ›

The series ultimately did seven Christmas episodes - quite the lucky number - while we're not superstitious, we are "a little stitious" makes sense then that the first Christmas episode would be the one to show NBC just how beloved a paper company could be.

Whats the best Christmas episode of The Office? ›

"The name is Bond. Santa Bond." In our all-time favorite Christmas episode of The Office (which actually aired on NBC in two parts), Michael tries to pull out all the stops with a "classy" office Christmas party designed just for Holly (Amy Ryan) ... before he finds out she has a boyfriend.


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