25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (2023)

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There's no definitive formula to throwing the best bachelorette party ever. Whether you and your crew are heading to the sandy shores of the Hamptons or you're hitting up the Broadway bars in Nashville, having a great time is all about the people you're with—but games never hurt either. To plan an insanely fun prewedding bash, consider having a few bachelorette party games to have for fun pregames or nights in at your Airbnb or hotel suite.

In addition to buying bachelorette party decorations, photo booth props, favors and matching merchandise or keepsakes, games are another fun way to liven up your celebration and help bridesmaids and close friends bond while celebrating the bride-to-be. Find 26 fun bachelorette party games below, from card packs you can buy online to easy DIY activities that you can do wherever your bash is taking place.

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Bachelorette Party Games You Can Buy

We get it: As the host, you want to offer the best bachelorette party games that your group will actually want to play—and we've got you covered. Here, we've rounded up fun games to play at the bachelorette party that'll break the ice and help your crew make the best memories. We've scoured the internet to find non-cringey dirty bachelorette party games, clean card games, and classic activities that everyone will love. And, as a bonus, they're all $25 or less. Find our favorites below, and stock up on these fun bachelorette party games before you depart on your trip.

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We promise For The Girls will be an instant crowd-pleaser. This simple dice-and-card game includes hilarious tasks and juicy confession questions that'll act as an icebreaker and have everyone laughing in no time. We bet guests will be begging to know where you got this fun bachelorette party game so they can have it on hand for future girl's nights.

What Do You Meme? For The Girls party game, $25, Amazon.com

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Beer pong, but make it classy. Instead of launching ping pong balls into red solo cups, elevate your party with these plastic prosecco glasses.

The Knot Shop Prosecco Pong, $15, TheKnotShop.com

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If you're in the market for easy activities, printable bachelorette party games may be the way to go. This cute Bingo card template comes with 60 unique game sheets and can be instantly downloaded after your purchase. Print them out ahead of time to start playing as soon as your crew gets together.

Creative Union Design Bachelorette Bingo game, $4, Etsy.com

You're not planning a regular bach party—you're planning a cool bach party, which is why you need this Mean Girls-inspired card came for an evening of unforgettable fun. Each player receives a burn book, which gets passed around the group. Players take turns writing one secret about their friends, and once all of the questions are answered take turns guessing who wrote what. The goal is to keep your secrets totally anonymous... easy, right? If this pop culture phenomenon shaped your childhood, this bachelorette party game is a no-brainer for your crew.

Big Potato Mean Girls Game, $20, Target.com

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This isn't any old card game. If you're looking for the best bachelorette party games for your bash, try this themed pack of cards specifically designed for prewedding soirées. The object of the game is simple: pick up a card and choose to do the activity or drink if you're not feeling brave. The site notes that the original game is required to play with the bachelorette expansion pack. (Find the original here.) The brand also has a Blackout Trivia card pack for those feeling extra courageous.

Do or Drink Bachelorette theme pack, $13, Do-or-Drink.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (6)

This easy bachelorette party game has six different card packs in one box. (Plus, it's available with Amazon Prime one-day shipping for last-minute shopping.) Inside, you'll get games like How Well Do You Know the Bride, Truth or Dare, Who's Most Likely To, and Would You Rather.

Lulu & You Bachelorette Bash party game, $24, Amazon.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (7)

Help your party guests loosen up and get to know each other with this Truth or Dare scratch-off game. Since these are fill-in cards, each guest will write their own prompts before covering them with scratch stickers. Then, pass the cards around for a fun bachelorette party game.

The Knot Shop Truth or Dare bachelorette party scratch game, $7 for 25 cards and 50 stickers, TheKnotShop.com

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Perhaps you and your crew have made your way through all of the Cards Against Humanity expansion packs. If you need a fun new card game to play, try If You Had To. Each player draws a hand of five cards featuring outlandish scenarios and puts down the card they think the judge is most likely to do. The judge picks the worst one as the winner of that round, making this a great way to get to know your friends even more.

Urban Outfitters If You Had To game, $16, UrbanOutfitters.com

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How well do you know the bride? Find out with this exciting game to play at the bachelorette party. This affordable pack includes 40 cards with questions, challenges and activities that'll allow guests to flex their knowledge about the to-be-wed.

A Little Bird Boutique bachelorette card game, $12, ALittleBirdBoutique.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (10)

Your bachelorette weekend needs a fun drinking game. If you're looking to buy one, try this Drinko set. Fill the included shot glasses with a beverage of your choice and have guests drop tokens down the pegs—they get to drink from whatever cup it lands in.

The Knot Shop Drinko party drinking game, $22, TheKnotShop.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (11)

If you don't have the time for DIY Jenga (which we explain below), try this bachelorette party game idea instead. Arrange the blocks in a tower and take turns pulling one from the stack. Here's the catch: each player has to do whatever activity is printed on the blocks.

Ball & Chain Bride-to-Be party blocks game, $11, Walmart.com

Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

If you want to have a few boozy party games for your friends, you're in the right place. Below, you'll find fun bachelorette party drinking games to play before you hit the down or during a night in at your Airbnb or rental. Grab your favorite bubbly or liquor and prepare to have the time of your life with your crew.

Truth or Drink

The truth always comes out… that's the motto for any bachelorette party drinking game. Create a list of fun (or dirty) questions before the bach getaway and have your crew spill their secrets or take a sip to plead the fifth. You never know what you'll learn about your besties during this fun bachelorette party game.

Beer Pong

Relive the glory days of college with this classic bachelorette party drinking game. All you need are red solo cups, a few ping pong balls and a beverage of your choice. (Try swapping beer with spiked seltzers or champagne if that's what you're into.) Arrange your group into teams and show off your best trick shots for a fun night in.

Shot Roulette

This bachelorette party drinking game isn't for the faint of heart. Before the trip, stock up on plenty of mini shot bottles of all flavors. Arrange them in a large circle and put one bottle in the middle. Take turns spinning the shooter and take a shot of whatever liquor the cap points to. To up the surprise factor, put the drinks in mini red solo cup shot glasses so you don't know what flavor you'll get.

Lick and Stick

All you need for this easy bachelorette party game is a deck of cards. The game begins with two players sitting across from each other. With eyes closed, each player selects a card from the deck, licks the back printed side, and sticks it to their forehead with the number facing out. After looking at their opponent's card number, each player must guess if their own card is higher or lower than the other—whoever gets it wrong has to take a drink.

Never Have I Ever

There's no denying this game is a must for any girl's night, but especially for a bachelorette bash. Starting with the bride-to-be, go around in a circle saying things you've never done. Whoever has done it takes a drink, and the game continues around the circle. Keep going until you run out of idea (or you're ready to tap out).


How about a bachelorette party drinking game set to music? This easy game is a memorable way to pregame with a great playlist before you hit the bars for a fun night out. Start by playing "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Sitting in a circle and starting with the bride-to-be, one person takes a drink every time you hear the word "thunder." But here's the catch: you have to keep drinking until you hear it again when the next person in the circle takes over. Go through the entire song if you can (and hope you don't get stuck with that dreaded guitar solo).

DIY Bachelorette Party Games

You don't have to purchase every activity for the bach party. In fact, some of the best bachelorette party games are free and easy to create on your own. Here, we share the best DIY bachelorette party games that are always crowd-pleasers. Some require pre-party prep, so take notes of your favorite ideas so you can plan to play ahead of time.

The Newlywed Game

It's not a bachelorette party without The Newlywed Game. Before your trip begins, have the host text or email the bride's fiancé a list of questions about their relationship. Ask the bride the same questions at the party, and compare them to what their S.O. said. If the answer is right, the group drinks—but if the answer is wrong, the bride drinks.

PowerPoint Party

You might have seen this fun party idea on TikTok. If you're planning a night in for your bachelorette party, ask each guest to come prepared with a PowerPoint presentation on any topic. (The crazier, the better.) Search the hashtag #PowerPointNight on TikTok to find some ideas of topics to present on. Or, to make it more personal, choose topics related to your friends, like "Who's Going to Cry Most at the Wedding" or "What Your Scandal Would Be If You're Famous." This free bachelorette party game will have everyone crying from laughter.

Pin a Kiss

Test your directional awareness skills with this bachelorette-friendly version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Bring a large cutout of the bride-to-be's fiancé and tape it to a wall. Each player receives a kiss cutout before being blindfolded and spun around. The player who sticks their kiss closest to the lips wins the game.

Ring Scavenger Hunt

If dirty bachelorette party games aren't your thing, this cute bachelorette scavenger hunt is just what your party needs. Hide plastic diamond rings throughout your rental or hotel room before guests arrive. Each time someone finds a bauble, they receive a prize. Not only is it insanely easy, this clean bachelorette party game will have your guests on the hunt for the duration of your celebration.

Adult Pictionary

Looking for an R-rated bachelorette party game? We've got just the idea for you. Give the classic Pictionary game a fun twist by preparing plenty of naughty prompts. Not only will you get to see which best friend is the most artistically challenged, you'll also get to see who has the dirtiest mind too.

Bachelorette Bingo

While you can buy a printable version of bachelorette Bingo, you can also do it yourself (especially if you're the creative type). Prepare a few sheets before you depart on your trip and hand them out as soon as everyone is together to make the most of this DIY bachelorette party game.


Test your friends' knowledge by making a custom Jeopardy game to play during the bachelorette party. There are plenty of free sites online that'll curate your game board, so prepare the categories ahead of time and see who knows the most about your crew.

Pizza Box Toss

A night out isn't complete without pizza, and you can turn a spare box into a game if you're looking for something fun to do as you snack. With the pizza gone, toss a coin into the box and draw a circle of any size around it. Then, write a task inside—you can write anything from "Truth or Dare" to "Show off your best dance move." Take turns tossing coins and adding tasks. But, if your coin toss lands inside a circle that already exists, you'll have to do whatever the command says.

DIY Jenga

This fun bachelorette party game requires a little bit of creativity and planning before the getaway begins. Buy a brand new Jenga set and write tasks on each log. For a bachelorette party, consider writing things like "Finish your drink," "Give a drink," "Group shot" or "Confession." As you play the game, complete whatever task is on your Jenga log until the tower falls.

Bachelorette Party Game Prizes

Take your bachelorette party games to the next level by offering prizes. If you're already supplying bachelorette party favors, don't worry about spending much more on prizes. In fact, some of our favorite favors can actually double as prizes. Check out our complete roundup of bachelorette party favors here to start shopping. Or, browse some affordable bachelorette party game prizes below.

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (12)

We've got the heart eyes for these sunglasses, and your besties will too. The competition will be fierce when a pair of these sunnies are on the line.

Hundred Hearts heart sunglasses, $9, Etsy.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (13)

Help one lucky guest get a great night's sleep on the trip with this cute sleep mask, which is perfect for snoozing and Instagram opportunities.

The Knot Shop satin eyelash sleep mask in Black, $6, TheKnotShop.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (14)

A velvet scrunchie will be well-loved by just about anyone on your bach trip. This value pack comes in a set of eight, so you'll have plenty of prizes to go along with your games.

xoFetti velvet bachelorette party hair ties, $16 for 8, Etsy.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (15)

How about a pretty rose gold flask? There's a good chance this bachelorette party game prize will get plenty of use on your trip.

The Knot Shop round stainless steel hip flask in Rose Gold, $15, TheKnotShop.com

25 Bach Party Games That Are Actually Fun (and Not Cringey) (16)

Send each winner home with their own bottle of bubbly or wine, complete with a custom bachelorette party wine label.

HH Paper Co bachelorette party champagne bottle labels, from $2, Etsy.com

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